VPS Settlement Benchmark

VPS Settlement Benchmark provides statistics for investment firms and settlement agents that participate in the VPS settlement system

The service facilitates comparisons between own data and market data and is also available to liquidity banks.

Settlement participants can access statistics on settlement ratio, the number and value of transactions settled, cash settlement through Norges Bank and securities lending through the VPS securities borrowing and lending program. The statistics cover all equity instruments as well as fixed income instruments.

VPS Settlement Benchmark gives settlement participants the statistics that apply to them in parallel with comparable figures for the entire market. This gives participants useful information such as a comparison of their settlement ratio against the average settlement ratio of the market as a whole, and information on their market share of total settlement value.

Settlement value

Shows the value of all settled transactions. The statistics provide a breakdown of settlement value between Norwegian and international investment firms. Settlement value is analysed by both listed and unlisted equity instruments and fixed-income instruments.

Number of transactions

Provides information on transactions registered, how many of these transactions were successfully settled either on the agreed settlement day or later, and the value of these transactions. Information is also provided on rejected trades and trades with delayed settlement, including the reasons therefore.

Settlement ratio

Shows the percentage of transactions that were settled on the original (agreed) settlement day for each investment firm and settlement agent and for the market as a whole. The settlement ratio is calculated in terms of both the number of transactions and the settlement value, and provides separate information on equity instruments and fixed-income instruments. The statistics also show settlement ratios, including deferred transactions.

Cash settlement through Norges Bank

Provides the following statistics on cash settlement for securities:
Liquidity banks: Allocated liquidity, liquidity forecasts/requirements and the actual value of settlement transactions for the settlement participants that are guaranteed by the liquidity bank in question.
Settlement participants: Liquidity made available relative to liquidity forecast/requirements, and the actual value of settlement transactions

Securities lending

Provides information on the securities that can be borrowed through the VPS securities borrowing and lending program, and the settlement participants using this program. The service also provides statistics on the total number of loans made from the securities pool and return deliveries. Information on the number of bilateral loans and their value, and any loan requirements for which securities were not available from the pool is also available. The securities lending statistics provide data for the market as a whole, and do not provide separate information for the individual participant.

Information about the settlement cycles

  • Settlement cycle 1 is available from 08:00 hours
  • Settlement cycle 2 is available from 12:20 hours
  • Settlement cycle 3 is available from 15:00 hours