VPS Clearing and Settlement

Clearing and settlement illustration

VPS Clearing and Settlement is a service for investment firms and settlement agents that participate in the Norwegian central securities settlement.

The service facilitates registration of transactions to be settled in the central securities settlement system. It is easy to make registrations and queries, and the user-friendly interface requires only a minimum of training for new user. The service is also a valuable tool for liquidity banks and asset managers.

Key features

  • Registration of transactions
  • Transfers between VPS-accounts
  • Cancellation of transactions and conditions
  • Establish and re-deliver bilateral securities loans
  • Administration of market claims (FLUB)
  • Registering base- and additional liquidity

Query functions

  • Information on all transactions registered on a VPS account together with details and conditions for individual transactions.
  • List of pending transactions.
  • Information on current and future holdings, checking balances for sufficient cover, holdings at the last year-end and market claims (FLUB).
  • Details on all account holders, their individual accounts, rights and dividends from securities held on the account.
  • Information on current and historic mandates to view/operate accounts.
  • Information on the calculated liquidity requirement in advance of the daily settlement cycles.
  • Historical information on liquidity requirements and settled amounts.
  • Information on all VPS-registered securities.

In addition to registering transactions, VPS Clearing and Settlement operates as a valuable backup for your proprietary settlement system.