Research data – orientation about the application process

Euronext VPS facilitates social beneficial research while ensuring that the considerations of confidentiality are properly safeguarded.

About applications

Researchers that seek to access information from the VPS register must submit a complete application for such access; an application explaining the project, the need for access to confidential information and how the researcher’s duty of confidentiality.

The following conditions must be mentioned in the application as a minimum:

  • Reason for the application
  • Specification of what information the application includes
  • If applicable, the reason for disclosure of personal data. Can identification be deleted?
  • Indication of how the information is intended to be handled and stored, physically and electronically, to safeguard the researchers’ duty of confidentiality
  • Description of who is responsible and who will have access to the information. If anyone abroad is to gain access to the data, this must be stated in the application
  • Indication of the duration of the project and whether the information can be deleted
  • If the project requires contact with those to whom the information applies, this should be mentioned specifically
  • If other institutions or organizations have been involved in the project (for example, Data Protection Authority , the Research Council of Norway, Finansmarkedsfondet), this must be stated in the application

VPS needs the application to specify as precisely as possible what information is needed to fulfill the purpose of the research project.

Conditions may be set for the permit after a specific assessment in each case. Examples of conditions that may be set are conditions regarding who should be responsible for the information and who should have access to it, about storage (storage), return or deletion of material. The degree of personal identification should not go beyond what is necessary to achieve the purpose. Therefore, identity information such as name and birth number may be required before information is disclosed. It may be appropriate to require that persons identified are not contacted, as the law states. When the project is completed, it may be required that where personal data has been provided, enough details are removed from the data set for link parameters to disappear.

It starts with a non-binding statement

Prior to the formal application process, researchers may request a non-binding prior opinion. Such a statement may be needed in order to discover if it is possible to obtain the data desired in a project through VPS, and an indication of when the information will be available. A cost estimate can also be requested from Euronext VPS at this time.


Section 8-5 of the Securities Register Act stipulates that a securities register may demand remuneration for the disclosure of information. Euronext VPS ‘work with the non-binding statement and the process of the application for access will also be invoiced after the principle of time spent. See VPS Fee Schedule for more information.