A project to modernize and streamline our clients day to day tasks

Since the fall of 2018, Euronext Securities Oslo has been working on modernizing its applications towards the investor segment. Mainly The Investor Services application (VPS IS). This has been in production since 2001 and although it has pulled its weight for two decades, the need for a better user experience, multi-language interface along with a modern underlying technology has become not only a golden standard, but also a demand to keep up with the fast pacing development in fintech and society in general. Euronext Securities Oslo’ response to this development is the MyVPS application with its main purpose to replace all of the operational applications in Euronext Securities Oslo – starting with the applications for the investor segment towards our Account Operators.

The MyVPS application was released May 2021 with the most essential features from VPS IS, i.e. create and edit customers, accounts and rights. In this release a dashboard was introduced, giving the user information about VPS’ system and settlement status, links to other Euronext Securities Oslo applications, latest news from Euronext. In addition, two new features were added; Global Search and MyTasks. Global Search allows our users to search for investor and account information across Euronext Securities Oslo databases in a single search, simplifying the search process and saving the user time. MyTasks enables our users to seamlessly jump between tasks. Simply start from where you left of, all input is automatically saved upon exiting incomplete tasks – a handy feature when supporting several investors simultaneously.

Throughout the summer we have continuously added new functionality from both IS application and the Aksjesparekonto application, making MyVPS fully functional for day-to-day operations. Going forward Euronext Securities Oslo will continue adding to the application (see list of releases planned for 2021 below), for example improving the securities transfer and withholding tax functionality.

  • Improved transaction and holdings based on feedback – Q3
  • Withholding tax – Q3
  • Display of issuances – Q4
  • Improvement of rights based on feedback – Q4

We would like to specify that the introduction of MyVPS, will not replace VPS IS straight away. They will both be live and available for the time being. Giving our users the chance to learn and familiarize themselves with MyVPS and all its features and functions. Furthermore we will not grant all clients access without giving them the opportunity to join us for demo session where Euronext Securities Oslo will present the application and its functions in full. MyVPS will also be featured in the upcoming regional meetings with an in depth «walk through» of the entire application, practical tasks and let you present your own challenges and learn how you can use MyVPS to solve these challenges going forward.