Increasing number of companies are registering with Euronext Securities Oslo

Companies are increasingly opting to register their shares with Euronext Securities Oslo. For example, in 2021 over 100 companies registered with Euronext Securities Oslo, an increase of approximately 10%.  Among these are a growing number of small- and medium-sized companies. In this article, we look at what’s driving this trend and how the newly registered companies have benefitted.  

Easing the annual tax reporting burden 

According to Jo Daniel Weise, Head of Tax Services at Euronext Securities Oslo, one of the main drivers for the increase in registrations is companies’ desire to reduce the administrative burden associated with tax reporting. “A typical pain point for companies who decide to use our services is the need to carry out the annual tax reporting, which can be a time-consuming task,” he says. “Once a company registers their shares with us, they benefit from our automatic tax reporting services, which makes life easier for the company and its shareholders.” 

Simplified shareholder register maintenance 

Companies registering with Euronext Securities Oslo also get access to tools that simplify shareholder register maintenance. “Growth companies typically start out by maintaining their shareholder register in a simple spreadsheet and distributing investor information via email,” explains Nicholas Schulz, Head of Issuer Services at Euronext Securities. “However, as the company grows and the number of shareholders increase, such manual processes quickly become inadequate.”  

Euronext Securities Oslo offers an online shareholder register application that provides companies with tools such as a daily updated shareholder overview, a full transaction history and corporate actions information at investor level, as well as services that simplify shareholder communication. Euronext Securities Oslo also collaborates with third-party companies that provide value-adding services tailored to growth companies. “These tools provide greater transparency around a company’s shareholders and shareholder movements, without the manual maintenance otherwise required, making it easier to strengthen shareholder engagement,” Nicholas Schulz says. 

Value-adding for the company’s shareholders 

Nicholas Schulz also highlights how registering in Euronext Securities Oslo offers benefits for the company’s shareholders as well. “Shareholders can easily view their shareholdings by accessing the VPS Investor Portal and ensure that the right ownership information is registered at all times. Furthermore, shareholders may use the instruments as collateral. The ownership information is maintained by professional financial service institutions, ensuring that the protection of the shareholder’s interests.”  

To find out more about how your company could benefit from registering with Euronext Securities Oslo, click here and fill in the online form if you would like to be contacted directly.