Euronext VPS enters into a new partnership with OwnersRoom

Euronext VPS has begun a partnership with OwnersRoom, a provider of platforms for investor-related processes. Through this collaboration, customers of OwnersRoom can access shareholder information registered in Euronext VPS directly from the OwnersRoom platform. The collaboration is part of an ongoing focus at Euronext VPS to work with Fintechs to bring greater value to investors and private companies.

Founded in 2017, OwnersRoom is an investor and deals platform that provides companies with tools to manage investor and funding processes professionally and efficiently. OwnersRoom customers with shares issued in Euronext VPS can now keep track of their shareholders and shareholder movements via the OwnersRoom platform. Read more about Ownersroom here.

The collaboration offers a number of benefits for both companies, shareholders, and other stakeholders, e.g.:

  • The shareholder register managed in Euronext VPS is directly available for OwnersRoom customers, ensuring investors and other stakeholders are updated on current ownership – increasing shareholder interest and activating investor engagement
  • Customers of OwnersRoom are provided a seamless feed of the cap-table into their room from Euronext VPS, the golden standard for a shareholder register, removing the need for manually maintaining the shareholder register in OwnersRoom
  • OwnersRoom offers a scalable solution for growth companies, now also enabling an easier transition for companies that want to use Euronext VPS to manage their shareholder register