Euronext Securities Oslo partners with Nordea to offer new VGM service

Euronext Securities Oslo is pleased to announce a partnership with Nordea to offer a new virtual general meeting (VGM) service to Norwegian issuers.

Euronext Securities Oslo already provides Nordea with a wide range of general meeting services. After conducting several successful VGM pilots in 2021 and 2022, and based on sound experience arranging VGMs in Denmark, Nordea chose Euronext Securities Oslo as its VGM provider. The timing coincides nicely with recent changes in Norwegian legislation, which require issuers to offer a virtual option for their annual general meetings.

When commenting on the new partnership, John Höglund, Client Relations and Segment Manager at Euronext Securities Oslo stated, “Virtual general meetings make it easier for shareholders to exercise their rights, and they offer benefits for issuers as well such as increased shareholder engagement, paperless voting, efficient execution of their general meetings, and more. The pandemic paved the way for a wider adoption of virtual general meeting solutions, and we expect the increased market demand to continue. We look forward to strengthening our collaboration with Nordea and to meet the market demand for flexible general meeting solutions.”  

A special thanks to Zusanna Norrild, Anne Kristine Kaspersen, Karin Blomberg and Jan Främling for a great cooperation. To find out more about Euronext Securities’ VGM services, visit the product page here.