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Top Shareholder Information

Provides the updated shareholder register on securities traded on Euronext Securities Oslo-registered securities.

Investor Figures

This product provides a unique insight into investor-related behavior and key figures through structured market and investor data. The data is aggregated in regards to geography, age, gender, sector, holdings, values and other relevant information.

Top Shareholder Changes

Provides you with a daily overview of top 50 investor changes in Norwegian securities – regardless of regulatory disclosure requirements.

Static Instrument Data

We provide static instrument data, both for equities and bonds – information about ISIN and associated Corporate Action events.

Shareholder Feed

Get an automatic transfer of your investor registry on FTP and stay updated on your shareholders.

Securities approved for Share Saving Accounts

Subscribe for a daily list of approved securities for that account type. Delivered daily through a FTP feed.

Bond Default Statistics

Reveals the default of bonds and related insight. We distinguish between redemption and interest and every coupon date that goes default will be a new ISIN.

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