Compliance and Regulatory services

Enables complete control and overview

Effectively monitor and manage the risk exposure regarding employee trades and account enquiries related to bankruptcy, winding up, compulsory redemptions etc.

Our recommended products

Transaction Monitoring

A comprehensive and innovative platform making it easy to set up custom thresholds, identify suspicious activity and optimize your business operations on trades on Euronext Securities Oslo-registered securities.

Top Shareholder Information

Provides the updated shareholder register on securities traded on Euronext Securities Oslo-registered securities.


A compliance solution aiding the monitoring of employees personal securities transactions and holdings

Debt Enforcement Officers and other Governmental bodies

Simplifies the way to receive information about investors.

Shareholder Feed

Get an automatic transfer of your investor registry on FTP and stay updated on your shareholders.

Bond Default Statistics

Reveals the default of bonds and related insight. We distinguish between redemption and interest and every coupon date that goes default will be a new ISIN.

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